This project was a collaboration with the upcoming startup : uKoment
As the only designer on the project I worked on the Ux, WebDesign, Identity and Illustrations.


ukoment is a platform that enables granular commenting on articles, for productive collaboration and meaningfull discussions. The simple task you need to do, is import the article url into uKoment, and you’re good to go.
Emphasize excerpts of the article and share the discussion with your friends or collaborators.
They will be able to see in context what caught your attention, and react to it by adding their own koments.


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uKoment’s main content are articles and comments. The challenge was to make it appealing and interesting for the user to use. To do so, we not only created an appealing interface, but we also gave the user tools he never have had before (privacy management, koment viewer & overview, newsfeed, etc.)

When you import an article into uKoment, you create what we call a “discussion”. And the app essentially devides itself in two main uses : inside “discussions” and outside “discussions”.



Once you import an article you are provided with different settings to manage your discussion.
Then select the text that caught your attention and choose to highlight, comment or share right away!
Type your thoughts in a bubble right next to the text you highlighted. Share them with friends, classmates or colleagues, they will see them in context and react by adding their own comments.



We wanted to make the reading and commenting a clean, simple and peacefull experience. When scrolling down, the UI disappears. A simple scroll up brings it back.




We wanted to give to uKoment a strong social aspect, to make reading and commenting a collaborative task.
A handfull of features help the user to do so : inviting friends, tagging them in koments or discussions, creating working groups, etc.


Home gives you a global overview of your friends / connections discussions and koments. It’s some sort of a newsfeed. You can chose to see all the activity (likes, tags, koments, etc.) or only the new discussions, by switching tabs.


My Page gives you acces to your profile and your personal feed. One unique feature in uKoment is that you can have a work profile, and a social profile. You can shift between both using a simple switch. Start a discussion on the latest basketball game in social universe, shift to work and share thoughts on the latest oil crisis! You can also have a different profile picture and different friends in each universe.

  • my-page-social
  • my-page-work

Groups lets you create and have an overview of the different groups you belong too. This feature is mainly intended to working groups for companies, for students or for think tanks.






The goal was to create a simple mark that would be able to stand for itself, conveying the commenting aspect.


We wanted to create a colorfull and cheerful, yet minimalistic brand universe to contrast with the black & white text content. One of the challenges is that uKoment has two different universes : the work and the social.
To identify (and seperate) them better we chose to change the UI main color as we switch universe. Researches were made to find two colors that have enough contrast, but also work together when combined, without falling into obvious color combinations.



To enhance the cheerful aspect of the identity, we also created some doodle illustrations. They are used for the empty states mainly. The seamless pattern we created out of it is used as a background in different places on the website.


A minimalistic custom icon set was designed for the website.


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