The emergence of new places (FabLab, Techshop, HackerSpace), the reappropriation of the manufacturing tools, or the rising modularity within objects are among the ideas that brought Mikael BUCH to question the « Do it Yourself » and « Open Hardware » in a digital age.
He suggests a ‘concrete utopia’ in context known from all : the kitchen.

Advocating a new business model, stemming from the values and ethics of the DIY and Open Hardware, he creates a manifesto project, link of a new industrial revolution.

More than a polished product, he shows a concept of modular and open source household appliance. Presenting it on a crowdfounding platform.
This concept is the epicenter of the project but is part of a bigger silver lining. Indeed, it is the whole ecosystem of the project that has importance. How to convey the values and ethics of the project and involve the local stakeholders ? How to enable the users to appropriate semselves the object and improvite it ?



Dedicated space presenting the utopia of a simplified creation, to enbale the personnalisation to everyone.


On this page, the user can find the additionnal modules created by the community.



Infographic presenting the ecosystem of the project :




The module is created from a single piece of laser cutted wood. Assembling is done without screws or glue.